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connect my php based website to my telegram account

i was designing this website so that i can post pictures and articles using my telegram app to my website. how can i do that??? i need help i want to use my telegram account as a super admin.


how to check users in my group. I want to check whether users in my group or nor.

Inline button with link

I just want to show the button with specific link. I have made search there but i found nothing. How can i implement that?

class keyboard

hi i'm using this sdk, and error : cannot find keyboard class, and me check files and not found this class. i'm using version 2.0 how can i fix this problem?

please update sdk !

hello new methods are not available in current version (2.0) of SDK (like InlineKeyboardMarkup). when new update will release ? thanks.

inline button or inline keyboard

hi , i am trying to send a photo with caption to a channel with my bot. i have no trouble with that. but i also want to send an inline button which contains a link to a site . how can i do that? my main question is how to send a button which contains a link to a website with my message? I will be very thankful if you answer my question.

How to solve UTF8 error for sendMessage method?

Hi. I'm writing my first Telegram bot with PHP SDK . As I am an Iranian, I've used Persian language in my bot for messages that bot sends to user. But because of using Persian letters in message, I get this error: | Bad Request: message text must be encoded in UTF-8 When I change those messages to English for example, the problem does not exist anymore. Do you have any idea?

Send message to username

Hello, Is possible to use API 2.0 to send messages to a mobile number or via username?

Updating Messages (editMessageReplyMarkup) methods going to be integrated?

Hi, are the https://core.telegram.org/bots/api#updating-messages methods going to be integrated? For bots it is useful to be able to modify a message (specially the reply markup) once some event happens. Thanks!

MySQL connection with Telegram bot

Hi, I could not find any good answer using Google. I've made a Telegram bot linked to a webhook itself linked with a MySQL db. I cannot bring to Telegram the results of the queries made to the db. Nothing happen in Telegram. I've tried my connections and my SQL queries work properly in a simple PHP page.