Here are some of the extensions that you can add to your projects along with this SDK to avail additional features. Some of the extensions are developed by the third-party developers who are also the users of this SDK. Any issues with their extension, You should report to them directly on their project repo.


Submit Your Extension!

If you've developed an extension for this SDK, you can add yours to the below list​. Just submit the details by suggesting an edit to this page using the top right link.


You can also create a new issue ticket in our repo and submit the details of your extension.

Third-Party Extensions

  • Telegram Event Output: Laravel extension to send command output to your Telegram through Telegram Bot (Notifier).
  • Dialogs: This library allows you to make simple dialogs for your Telegram bots.
  • Silex Service Provider: A Silex Provider for the Telegram Bot API SDK.