Upgrading To 1.0 from 0.x


Refer Changelog

Check out the CHANGELOG for detailed info on what's changed.

There are some breaking and major changes in this new version. Follow the below instructions to apply the changes.

Upgrading Your Composer Dependency

To update the package in composer, fire the following command in your terminal:

$ composer require irazasyed/telegram-bot-sdk ^1.0

Updating Namespace

In this version, The package's namespace has been renamed from Irazasyed\Telegram to Telegram\Bot. So you need to update the namespace across your project wherever you're injecting any of the classes from the Package.

Initializing Library (For Standalone Usage Only)

Since the namespace has been changed, You need to update the way you initialise the library as well. Change Irazasyed\Telegram\Telegram to Telegram\Bot\Api and you can initialize like below:

$telegram = new Telegram\Bot\Api($token);

Updating sendAudio Method

If you're using sendAudio() method anywhere in your project, Make sure you update that as per the new parameters and API change. Refer the [CHANGELOG][changelog] and API file.

Upgrading To 1.0 in Laravel / Lumen

Addition to the above instructions, You also need to apply the below instructions to get the package working in your Laravel or Lumen Project.

Update Service Provider

Update the providers array in config/app.php configuration file.


Update Facade

If you use facade, then you need to update the aliases array in config/app.php configuration file.

'Telegram'  => Irazasyed\Telegram\Laravel\Facades\Telegram::class
'Telegram'  => Telegram\Bot\Laravel\Facades\Telegram::class

Republish Configuration File

Fire the following command to apply the new changes. Please note, The below command will overwrite your current changes to the config file, So take a backup before firing this command:

$ php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Telegram\Bot\Laravel\TelegramServiceProvider" --force

That's all folks, Enjoy!

Always make sure to update the package in your project to latest version to apply all the bug-fixes, security updates, tweaks and other cool new features.